Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back at it...

Hi all! Thanks for the kind words and for sticking around for the last month during my lack of blogging!
It's so nice to come back to my blog and not to have lost any followers.
Speaking of followers...and I know this is quite the question out there...what are you all doing about Google Friend Connect going away?  I have a RSS feed button on my sidebar and you can also follow by email.  Any other ideas?

As for running...I finished up February with 98 miles, not too bad considering I had one week of only 15 miles.  I have a half marathon coming up in two weeks, the Modesto Half Marathon.  Not sure what race I will be doing after that, but I need to find something.
I also just got a road bike which I am pretty excited about.  Once it is tuned up and ready to go, I hope to log some miles on it.  My husband and I plan to do a few rides this Spring.
During my little blogging break, I finished up a "running" book and saw a "running" movie.  Reviews on those to come...

Last but not least, some guys are arriving at our house bright and early this morning to dig a giant whole in the backyard.  The kids are pretty excited about getting a swimming pool!!

Have a great day!


BabyWilt said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome back, looks like you have been busy.

I thought friends connect was staying if you were on blogger but not if you were wordpress or independent ??? I stand to be corrected though.

Suz and Allan said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome back! Great job on your mileage in February!

Linky Followers is a new thing that I put on my blog as another way for people to follow along.