Friday, January 27, 2012

#1- Whole Foods Running School Half Marathon

My first half marathon of the year was a small race about 25 minutes outside of Sacramento.  The kids and I got up pretty early, so I could drop them off at my mother-in-law's house and get to the race. 
Originally, I thought I was going to be at the race solo, but it turned out a few friends were running, too.  So, that was nice!  In fact, my friend was the overall female winner and in the top 10!  She is FAST! 
Luckily, it was an 8:30 start!  And I got there with plenty of time to spare, stretched a little bit, used the restroom, ate my honey Stinger waffle, and chatted with my friends.  It had rained in the days prior and more rain was forecasted. So, it was cold and damp.
During the week leading up to the race, I had some great training runs (maybe too good for a race week).  So, I really wasn't sure what to expect as far as a finishing time. 

The race course was almost solely on bike paths and had a few out and backs.  It was also constant up and down with little, rolling hills.  Not a big deal to most people, but everything where I run is dead flat, so it made for some good training for me. 
I felt great at the beginning of the race, maybe too good because I went out a little too fast.  I was then able to settle into a pace, but I just felt like I was running forever.  The race just went on and on. 
The race finally came to a finish at nearly 13.4 miles... At first I thought this was due to not running the tangents or something, but then the four of us compared distance on our Garmins and we all had different distance ranging from 13.4 to 13.6.  Turned out the race was mismarked and it was a 13.4 mile race!

So, had the race distance been accurate, I believe I would have run under 1:50! 
Nevertheless, I finished 57th overall (only roughly 300 runners), 19th female, and 9th in my age group with a time of 1:51:27!
As for the race, the type of course was new to me.  I didn't love it.  I didn't hate it.  Everything seemed to run smoothly.  My biggest complaint was that at the end of the race, I was SO thirsty (I am sure I wasn't the only one) and they were passing out Zirco Coconut water.  I just wanted had to actually wait in line and fill up a 6 ounce cup of water over and over again to get any water!!  Not what you want to do after 13.1 or 13.4 miles!
Next up...Bay Breeze Half Marathon!


fancy nancy said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job Marisa!!! You rocked this! I totally would want just water...weird that they didn't have it! Looking great in your Chicaband!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said... Best Blogger Tips

Good job! I think that a 1:50 is a great time! I hate it when they don't have enough water! I ran one half where the last 3 or 4 miles, there was NO water station, which is when I needed it the most! It was so annoying! Did you take advantage of the WF breakfast afterward?

I may see you at the Bay Breeze after all, since the one I wanted (in Marin) is sold out already. I still have not decided on my Feb race.

SupermomE12 said... Best Blogger Tips

That stinks about the course being mis measured, but GREAT JOB! love the pics too. :)

The Jesse said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on your first half of 2012 :) You totally ROCKED it!!!

H Love said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd take it!! Nice work!!

KEFFitness87 said... Best Blogger Tips

Coming from the FFBH!! Congrats!! Top 10 in your age group? Whoa! I am running my first 1/2 in April this is inspiring!!

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

wow, great job! Great photos of you running!

jillconyers said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job Marisa! Awesome photos. You look so relaxed.

One down and 11 to go!

Do you like coconut water? I've never tried it but keep reading about all the benefits.

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job on your half! I like small races like that, sounds really fun, other than the extra .3 miles. :)